Does anyone want to go toVHS BEFORE 7PM

Hi guys, I am a new member and wanted to check if anyone will be at VHS before 7pm today


Hi Ehsan.

I see that you have recently joined the VHS site. If you have already signed up to be a VHS member then you are able to do the following


Also just a heads up - if folks are planning on working at the space I don’t think the space is opening tonight after 7pm (as there is an event going on). When members run an event the event takes priority and often it’s tough to run an event and open up the space as well (i.e. keep an eye on the door etc.) Mike is the event bottomliner so if he opens the space it will say so on

Sorry I know this is confusing when people first join up. Looking forward to meeting you Ehsan.

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I’ll be at the space in an hour and will be there all day.