Diy ozone drycleaner


Supposing I created a “someone should” for specifying an ozone sensor for a diy ozone drycleaner. Meanwhile I go on kickstarter or whatever and when the dust settles it turns out to have been valuable. Then the project contributors would want to make arguments about how much of the pie their relative contributions are entitled to.

  1. should this be decided by an independent arbitrator and where should they come from?
  2. What factors should the arbitrator consider ? I am supposing that the pie be fought over after the fact rather than before, as this is how its done in the music industry (google “toplining”).

I’m thinking a project like this would be a good use case to build on the “someone did” system i.e. to facilitate ad hoc project contributions and get past the fear or reluctance of giving too much away so to speak…

As a potential bluetooth enabled mcu that would control the ozone level inside the closet, and talk to your android app about cleaning time, ozone consumption rates etc. I am more familiar with microchip products, so any comments about the TI development platform ?


The goal is to brand hack a collection of products together based on a set of core values that I well understand, and to earn something through sales of UV lamps or control boards etc.

This particular idea answers the question of where will get the electric power to enable us to abandon fossil fuels : by aggressively pursuing conservation. 10% of electricity consumption is laundry.

It turns out ozone is not enough by itself to handle every type of dirty laundry smell. You need UVC as well. Also, clothes cannot be just piled in. Ozone has has to be circulated around and UV requires line of sight as well. So I’m going to build something like a tumble dryer with a UV/ozone source inside.

So yesterday I picket up some cardboard cylinders (

Which are going to roll on a set of three upside-down casters, one of which is motorized . So the barrel tumbles like a dryer. The cylinder has a pipe running through it’s axis, but the pipe is only there to carry the wiring etc for the UV/ozone source which is hanging inside. This pipe can’t rotate (the wires will twist themselves up), but it must be free to bob and weave as it rolls because it’s nowhere near perfectly round. So any ideas how to do that ?

Also the motorized drive tire is something I don’t have yet, so any suggestions (specs, local sources, or donations) are welcomed.

Also if you can think of any reason this idea sucks or won’t work, feel free to be as ruthlessly critical as you like! :smile: