Current 3D printers


Hey guys, I’ve been trying to print with the dittopro and the enclosed printer today for hours and I can’t get them to work. The enclosed one keeps jamming such that it stops extruding completely, whilst the dittopro has weird flow rates that suddenly start decreasing a couple of layers in and eventually just stops extruding.
I’ve tried cleaning the teeth that grip the filament in the enclosed printer and have fiddled around with settings etc but I juts can’t figure out what’s wrong. :confused:
Maybe a 3D Guru has some ideas?


Is it safe to clean it with an Automotive Part Degreasing cleaning liquid such as Brake Parts Cleaner?


I don’t know enough to say yes for sure, but I don’t think it would help much either - it’s not oil based. The clog will probably be due to some filament that’s burned near the nozzle and can’t easily remelt, or some other matierial that got in somehow.


No don’t use an automotive Part Degreaser. Needs to be checked out by someone who can see what the problem is. If its a bad clog it has to be removed and cleaned. And if you do that without knowing how, you can damage the extruder.


Did you level the bed? Also recommend posting in the slack 3d printing channel. Have you had the 3d printer training yet? If not, that would be a good place to request that also. If you have, they can still definitely help with troubleshooting!


Yeah I leveled it, though I don’t think not leveling it would cause it to not extrude.
I also already had the training from Steve
Okay, I’ll do that :slight_smile: