Corrupted BIOS


Hi peeps,
The BIOS on my HP laptop got corrupted. Recovery via the keyboard didn’t work. I’m not confident enough to go beyond that.
Wondering if anyone has experience with that and can assist? Thanks.


Depends, what’s the error code, (usually flashing leds)

Document the flash pattern and check the HP site for meaning. I had similar
issue with my HP earlier this year, the flash code showed motherboard
replacement was required., since it wasn’t under warranty and The Hackery had
no luck getting it working, I got a different refurbed HP machine.


@mirong that sucks. Please post any error messages. Hopefully we can help you out. I see @hjsvhsweb’s advice is right on the money. Once you know the error you can proceed to something like this in order to do the recovery.


The CapsLock light blinks twice. No luck with the “recover the BIOS using a
key press combination”.

I don’t have access to another computer to try the next step (creating a
BIOS recovery flash drive). Is anybody going to be at the Space Wed/Thu
(preferably during the day) that can help?


Do you have a Recovery Disk that you have made previously?
If you want to recover your data files, insert a bootable Linux disk (but not install Linux on hard drive) and recover them.
Knoppix has worked in the past.


someone at should usually be at the space on wednesday during the day.
depending on who’s in, they might be able to help.
at the very least, you should have computers at your disposal.


@mirong out of curiosity… did you happen to install ubuntu 17.10 by any chance?


@TyIsI, nope; Win 10. But I may look into it when the laptop is a few years older.


Did you get in @mirong? I’m not able to come down today.


@Rebel_without_Clause, thanks for the suggestions. I tried the HP recovery disk and an Ubuntu DVD. The drive spins, but I guess it is not being recognized by the system.


@Janet, no. Didn’t want to go down if nobody is there. shows closed since. 10pm yesterday.


If you put Knoppix (Linux distribution) on an USB, that is equivalent to putting a Linux DVD (and boot from USB disk/drive) and back up data. If this doesn’t get your data, Sat afternoon approx. 3 or 3:30 pm there is an Embedded Group meet, you may find many System Administrators in the group.


Most of my stuff is backed up, so that’s not much of an issue. It’s to get the thing going again (only 4yrs old).


If you want to get it done tonight, I can be at the space after 7


@xquared, thank you for your kind offer. Alas, can’t make it tonight.


@Rebel_without_Clause his BIOS is failing, so booting anything is impossible right now


@mirong how did you do with that bios? Are you still trying to get it sorted?


@Janet, just the other day, I was able to create a BIOS recovery stick (on
a different computer, of course). It worked like a charm. Whew; I’m a happy

This episode makes me realize two things:

  • how easy it is to get into most computers, if you have physical access

  • how great it is to be able to print straight from your mobile device (via

Happy New Year, everyone!


@mirong that’s great! Well done!!! Happy New Year!