Conveyor belt for the price of a donation to free geek


Free geek has this conveyor belt system they are scraping. If you want it for a couple bucks have to let me know today.

3’ long.adjustable height.


I do, but will yield if someone else wants


I don’t know what it does but I want it.
(Not really)


I’m passing on the message. Can you pick up today?


Unfortunately I’m in whistler this weekend, if someone else wants it please have at it


I can pick up Monday soonest if that would work though.


If @mike doesn’t take it, I will!!!



Hey Free Geek closes at 6 so I’m getting Jay to hold it till Tuesday from 11-6. Only the store is open on Monday. Not the warehouse


@lukecyca all yours, you have a much more legit use for it.


I picked it up today. It doesn’t actually have a motor though.

I also picked up a 3250rpm 3/4HP 120VAC 1PH motor that was sitting beside it, but obviously that’s not suitable for directly driving the conveyor belt. I thought it might be useful to add to the VHS inventory of electric motors.

Free Geek is looking great these days. Tons of interesting vintage stuff gets posted to their instagram. I told them VHSers might be interested in some of the more industrial stuff that comes in.


Yeah I try to keep an eye out on what might interest VHS but I’ve been trying to push FG to post there more unique items to a general list. Instagram being a nice way to go.


This has been kicking around the space for quite a while now. I don’t think I really have a use for it anytime soon.

Would anyone else like to use it for a project? @mike?

If not, I will get rid of it.


I have an idea for it post-Ukulele, but it’s not horribly pressing. So if someone else wants it they are welcome to it, otherwise I’ll grab it and remove it from the space until I start working on it to free up VHS burden.