Commission: Hardware Windows Volume Controls

Hey-o I want a knob and switch I can use to alternate between two windows 10 audio sources and change the audio volume. Simple form factor that I can mount to my desk.

I have no hardware skills and I’d rather just pay someone who is passionate about hardware than do something janky myself. Anyone interested in doing this on commission?


Hi, just so someone interested knows what skills they need. Are the two sources digital sources or do you have two audio jacks that you need to mix?


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Hi Colin, this seems like something I could probably help you with; I’ve built something similar in the past.

If you have an hour or two on Friday afternoon, you could come by the space. We have a huge collection of new and surplus electronic parts at the space available that everyone is welcome to use for their projects. I can show you what parts we have that would work for this, and you can select which ones you like. We can figure out a fair price depending on the time involved and how fancy you want this to be.


@mike This would be a USB connection to a Windows PC.

@JohnC Yeah I could come by the come by on Friday for sure. What time? Probably around 3:30 is best for me.

How do you want to “switch between two windows audio sources”?
I see there is a USB spec for HID volume controllers that you could program a micro to emulate, but not sure about controlling an app itself. You might need some software running on the PC for that.

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Yeah I don’t mind running software on the computer. My assumption was that the hardware would generate key presses (eg. ctrl-shit-1, ctrl-shift-2) that I would then assign to change the audio output with off-the-rack software running on my pc.

For instance I’m currently using AudioSwitch (GitHub - sirWest/AudioSwitch: Switch between default audio input or output + change volume) to make the alt-arrow keys change my audio source and volume.

But I’m also open to other software/hardware combinations to solve the problem. I don’t know what’s possible or easy or hard with USB controllers.

Yeah, 3:30 on Friday works for me.

What I have in mind so far is to hook some buttons up to one of these microcontrollers: Teensy LC (Low Cost)

Oh nice, looks perfect, sends all the right signals.

I can’t do 3:30, can you do 4:30 instead?

I’m planning to stick around until 5:30 on Friday. An hour should be enough time for us to figure out a plan.

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See you later today at the space John.