Carbon fibre vacuum experience

I want to use the vacuum pump to try and vacuum seal a mold for a carbon fibre project I’ve started, but I have no experience. Anyone here have experience with the vacuum pump re: epoxy and/or carbon fibre? Anyone have any carbon fibre experience? Thanks for reading.

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This youtube channel has some great advice.

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Woo, we do have a vacuum bag around the shop, would love to see it in action.

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Likely you already know about this but there are some hazards present when working with Carbon Fibre.

Have a look at Working with Carbon Fibre There are lots of other sources online.

I would suggest that no cutting and/or sanding of carbon fibre should be done inside the space unless the work area is 100% contained. If you do then please do not use the space vacuum cleaner to clean up. There should be absolutely no residue left behind to risk the heath and safety of other members.

Risk management

After curing, fibres become very rigid and may protrude from poorly machined or fractured surfaces. Such surfaces should be handled with care, due to the potential for laceration and impregnation of fibre splinters into the skin. Heavy style gloves should always be worn when handling materials to protect against penetration of these fibres as well as contact with resins.

Protection of eyes and throat from carbon fibre dust is paramount. Users must wear full goggles and a dust mask to prevent dust inhalation. Dust particulate masks must be fit tested to the individual. Protective clothing should be worn whenever dust is created (such as while machining). The use of elastic cuffs on the protective clothing will keep dust from getting inside protective suits.