Carbon Fiber Model Aircraft Wings & Helicopter Blades (24 inches or less)?


Please let me know of any small size Carbon Fiber Helicopter Blade vendors, 24 inches or less diameter (plenty available for 450 mm class) & small aircraft Wings (24 inches or less)?


Someone with more experience can chime in, but HobbyKing is often the place
that people like for most RC parts


Also, this might be of help to you.


Thank you @toma and @Jarrett for the pointers and links!


@Rebel_without_Clause, RC aircraft wings are normally built up out of ribs and spars, then covered with a very lightweight covering (or folded up out of foamboard and hot-glued!) rather than being laminated from composite materials… The wing loading tends to be pretty light at typical RC speeds and maneuvers.

However, it is pretty common to see people using CF wing ribs and CF tubing for spars and other structural members (e.g. tail booms). Maybe if you tell us a bit about your use case, we can help you develop a plan. :slight_smile:


I thought I’d seen ready-made CF ribs, but now I can’t find them. Using prefab CF tubes for spars is very common though. :slight_smile:


Thank you!