build notebooks by hand with recycled materials and stamping :smile:


Back in the early 70’s we did a bookbinding module in our graphic arts class in high school that I found really interesting. We made hardcover notebooks. Over the past 45 years I’ve managed to kill most of those neurons. I would be interested in learning more about it if someone is planning on running a workshop.


Shure! Iam now in Vancouver, and I want know the place of VHS and share / build notebooks by hand, and make a project of that, what do you think about it?, I´m learning how does it work


I’d be into that, I remember my grandfather repairing book bindings as a
little kid, it was quite something to watch, and I’ve forgotten 95% of that.



we can meet this Thursday to agree to nokebooks!


Hi Natalia,

I’m not sure if you’ve visited us before, but we have an Open House at VHS every Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 10 pm.

That’s a great time to meet people at VHS.


Hi Natalia. Great to have you at VHS. I’m going to chime in with Andrew. Come and join us on Tuesday night to check out the space and meet people. It is a free and open to everyone from. Looking forward to seeing you down there.


Hello, Ok! See you there today at 7:30pm !


Thanks for your attention, <3 , Iam so happy, I want to know the place and people,
I will review the address !!! see you there :slight_smile:


Hello!, Iam so sorry because
I had an unexpected, and I could not get there!, but
I want to find us next Tuesday if you are agree with pleasure Natalia


No worries @Natalia_Rabell - come and see us on the next (or any other Tuesday). Every Tuesday is open night! :smiley: