Baltic Birch Ply run


I’m going to Windsor Plywood Wednesday morning, to pick up 2.5’x2.5’ sheets of 3mm and 6mm Baltic Birch Ply (classic 5x5 sheets cut in 4 to fit nicely on the laser bed).

6mm sheets are $9
3mm sheets are $6

If you’re interested in some, let me know by Tuesday. I can always take last minute requests but they don’t have much stock.


Do they have 1/16"/1.5mm? If so I’ll take one please :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen this size before. they have something super thin, but I think it’s thinner than that, for model making I suppose. It’s at least 3 or 4 times the cost of the 3mm.
You can call them to confirm. Also if not 3mm or 6mm, I’d have to take the whole sheet (so 4 smaller ones)

#4 if they have it in stock I’d love whatever is the largest size 1.5mm for a reasonable price, say under $50 :slight_smile: Thanks! If they don’t have stock, or you’re not able to get it for me, it’s not a problem at all.


Yep, looks like what I saw last time at over $60. Will double-check .


The aircraft plywood is 3-ply and 0.8mm thick. It is quite expensive. The last time I bought some for laser engraving business cards was over a year ago and it was about $75 for a 4x4 foot sheet. Lee Valley sells it in 2x2 foot sheets for about $35.


PJ White tends to be a bit less expensive than Windsor for BB plywood.


4 sheets of 3mm for me if not too much effort for you.




No problem!


Thanks! I’m after 1.5mm, that might be different. I’ll hit up Lee Valley myself if there’s no joy at Windsor, I live dangerously close. :wink:


$86 for a 4x4 1.5mm aircraft BB ply. I went ahead and did not get you one


haha, thanks. I’ll figure out my own stuff when the airplane workshop firms up :slight_smile: