Awesome Youtube Videos and channels for


I’ve been on a Youtube bender and I’ve come across some channels which seem to be really useful, or really Awesome (only ones that are appropriate to VHS of course)

So as sharing is caring.

Make Magazine Videos: Yes those guys. Some great how to videos on tools like Tap & Die’s

Metal working:
Clickspring: Some really good information for lathe and milling. And Fantastic production quality.

Cutting Tools Explained.

BigClivedotcom: Guy does a lot of tear downs and shows how crappy some things are especially from ebay.
This is one showing how to spot crappy High watt LED chips

Just incredible Awesome Makes -Yes its a real machine I watched it several times to be sure its not a really really good 3d animation…


I would suggest you add this to Looking for people and groups to follow as a collection of interesting stuff on the net


Good Idea made a copy to that posting.and this one can slide into obscurity. Or maybe a talk admin has a better idea.


Meh. It’s just two times as much awesome.