Artisans Coop, new Etsy alternative

I came across a link to this group the other day. They are trying to set up an Etsy alternative, organized as a cooperative with checks to prevent selling mass-produced stuff.

It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure how to evaluate their business model. What do other people think?


Hard to say. It seems like a lot of cash for what is essentially just a directory right now although I appreciate what they’re doing.

Cool Idea, but seems pretty expensive. 1000 bucks to get into the “founding circle” on top of a monthly fee with the promise of a share of the profits sounds like wishful thinking. But then again - maybe this turns out to be a great resource and grows substantially over the next few years.

But if i wanted to dig into this deeper - i’d take a look at some of the members within their directory and get a sense of what they are doing. There are definately few that look like legitimate artists making some cool stuff but there are businesses that look like they do sell mass produced stuff. Here are two examples i saw that seem more on the “mass produced” vs the artisan made vibe. - Looks like an order to be sent of straight to a printer.
Gokojo - Proudly Handmade in Chicago Since 2013 - Etsy Canada - Etsy store has 8012 sales. is this truely mass produced? or artisan created?

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