Anyone want laser cutter training?


I am a new member. I would like to use this laser cutter to cut some skateboards :slight_smile:
Can you add me to the “list” for the next training session?
Thank you :wink:


I am also interested in receiving laser cutting training. Please add me to the “list”



Hi, I am new around and wondering if you could add me to the list on your next laser cutter training :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I would love to come for laser cutting training on Sunday as well if there’s still room!


I would like to come to the laser cutting training this Sunday as well if possible. I’ll be there anyway…


i want to sign up :0)


Hey! I am interested in getting trained on the laser cutter! Any chance of having another training session soon?


I would also like to get trained on the laser cutter with ^ shaydebat.


Likewise. I’m in.

  • Amy


I would like to signup for a training session! Count me in :slight_smile:



I am still interested.


Also still interested :slight_smile:


Hello, I’d like to do laser training too.

  • amanda


Is this turning into a waiting list or have laser training sessions happened since?
I can run one next week if necessary, just ping me!


I’d be down for next week.


There were a couple people at the pacific woodworkers guild that were interested, I imagine we will get a few people signing up soon from there


Yes please!


I’m very interested too!


Yes, this thread is and has been the place to indicate interest in training.

Is it possible to turn the original post into a wiki? Would be easier to update it that way.


I got all booked up this week.
I can probably do next Tuesday or Thursday, between 4pm (or earlier) and 7pm, whenever fits best.
I’m not sure how long laser trainings usually last, but I suppose 1.5 hrs should easily cover everything.
3 to 4 persons is best.
Just answer with your time preference and I’ll try to accommodate everyone.

Edit : 2.5-3 hrs announced on the website. Obviously it also depends on what material we’ll train with…