Anyone interested in SMD soldering workshops?


@xquared and I have been thinking about doing more SMD workshops. Just want to guage interest first.

Surface-mount soldering (SMD) refers to using tiny components that are mounted on the top of the board rather than going through it (like through-hole soldering). Many modern electronics like motherboards, phones, etc. are surface mount. Learning this is awesome because you can design very small projects or repair your own electronics.

We’d show you how to hand solder SMD components as well as how to use the reflow oven that our member @packetbob made for VHS. It is pretty awesome and members use it a lot.

We’d have a couple of small projects to make and cost would likely be 10 bucks or less.

Anyone interested?


I would be interested


Definitely still interested!


Count me in, if I am in town. Gone next week from tues to Sunday


I’m in! But I’m out! (of town all next week)


Excellent! Thanks all. It’ll probably be a few weeks out. Will post details soon.


I’m definitely in too!


Yes please.


Okay - looks like sept for SMD night. Here’s a doodle with some dates. Select what would work for you so I can get a sense of when to schedule.

This is what we’ll be making! Cost will be $10 with all proceeds going to VHS for soldering supplies.



@faja66 @ryanmaclean @nikelmwann and @arrgh do any of these dates work for SMD night? Please post your preferences. Thanks!


Updated my name in the poll to include my username.


I’m down for the Friday night class.


Okay @faja66, @nikelmwann, @arrgh, @hughl87, @ryanmaclean and @chadleaman - event is on friday September 15th. Sorry Chad - if you can’t make it I’ll set up one evening at the space!

Please pay in advance. Sign up details are here. Note: sign up soon as there are only 6 spots.

FYI: If funds are a limiting factor for anyone, please PM me and I will sort you out. :slight_smile:

Also please sign up now if you want to come. I will publicize this more broadly tomorrow. Thanks!


No problem thanks for the mention. There is always next time I am not in a burning rush. :slight_smile:


I just made this public so tickets will go fast. If you want in, please sign up asap.