Anyone have a 3d printer at home and taking commissions?

Title says it all! Looking to contract someone to run a few prints for me since the space won’t be open for a bit.

Same goes for some laser cuts, but I doubt anyone’s got one in a garage somewhere…

Of course willing to pay for time and materials, message me!

@iMakeRobots can do laser cutting for you probably

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Yes to both, tho obv. we are in quarantine and printing supplies are at a premium because I’m using it all for PPE masks.

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Well, ok. Nearly all.


I can possibly do some 3d prints, if its nothing to big.

Are those face-shields? If so, fitting 10 to a plate is pretty awesome. Way better than everyone trying to stack 3DVerkstans!!

Yeah, I just delivered a batch to Tinkerines. Will be printing more on monday.

Cool, can you share the design?

I made mine component-based too so you can fill the plate to the brim. I’m experiencing some kind of de-privileging so I can’t post the link, but you can find it by searching Thingiverse for “Counter-Veil”

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Tinkerine S has it on their blog. I’m currently printing v9.4. The linked files download without the STL extension for some reason, so rename and print.

My sister is a nurse in NYC and I’m putting together a care package with some things she can’t get her hands on. I don’t suppose either of you printing the shield frames might share or sell me one that I can give her?

EDIT: found someone to donate a printed frame, still looking for a shield. I’ll be driving around looking for some this weekend unless someone has one available.

I can give you a bunch of Counter-Veils. They pack really small for long distances :grin:

I’m in Surrey. DM if interested.

PETG is the same plastic used in soda bottles… can you cut a 2L clear cylindrical soda bottle for the shield?

@miststlkr did you have any luck? I have a 4’ x 8’ sheet of .7mm petg (I think it’s petg) that you can have. It’s slightly thicker than the .5mm stuff most people are using, but I think it’ll still work. You’re welcome to it.


That is a heck of an offer. I got my hands on everything I was looking for. Greatly appreciated though.