Anybody want these before I throw them out

These are all the doodads from underneath the workbench. We want this space I will throw out with reckless abandon … So if you want your stuff claim it


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Look casters

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If the owner(s) don’t want/can’t be located, I can take them to Pt. Roberts Hackspace.

Pretty sure we should keep the unused air hose and the shop lights (if they’re working). Thanks for going through this stuff Tim!

We should absolutely keep the following:
The blast gate
4" Y joint
Stop/Start Switches
Air Hose
Vacuum Hose

I assume the planer is just background, but if it isn’t already said, that needs to remain.

@Dmo, those round rods seem like they have your name on them.

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Haha no don’t worry I’m not gonna throw out the planer


One more I forgot

Yo @emerson this looks like your stuff.

We need new castor on the table saw extensions. So let’s keep the castors with the table saw if the owners aren’t found

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