Any VHSers going to be at Eastside Culture Crawl - Nov 15 - 18th, 2018?


Who’s going to be showing their work at the Eastside Culture Crawl? Post your project info in this thread with your URL/bio/etc and I’ll plug you on the VHS blog.

I’ll just tag a few folks who I know will be there for sure @baptiste @Majicj @Hekseskudd…okay who else?


Please excuse the artspeak :slight_smile:


Tradeworks isn’t eligible to be an actual part of the Culture Crawl but, given our proximity to 1000 Parker, we will be having an open house on one or two of those days with some sort of signage near 1000 Parker to attract some visitors. We will likely have some sort of hands-on activity for folks that come by.


Steve that is great! If you send me the details when you have those I’ll do a separate write up on that as well.


While we aren’t participating in the crawl as artists, Bob and I rent a space in Makerlabs Industries for our motorcycle projects. If we’re there feel free to drop in and see what we’re up to.

We’re in the northeast corner of the building.


Just writing up this post right now. Will be on the space website by Monday.:slight_smile:


'tis live

@Awiecke it would great to do a whole post on your motorcycle projects at some point - I think VHSers and others would be really interested in that. If you get the time to write something up that would be excellent.