Any phone-savvy people who might be around the space this week?


Hey guys,

So It’s me again with my broken Android phone (Motorolla DROID MAXX … XT1080M I believe)

And now my phone doesn’t seem to want to charge up.

I’d like to take @Jarrett 's advice and try to plug it into a regular keyboard… But seeing that I don’t have a USB OTG available, I wonder if there might be stuff at the hack space?

Also… I’m thinking I’d like to swing by the Hack Space and maybe ask one of you for advice about it.

Does anyone have fifteen minutes they could spare to maybe take a look at the phone? Can I swing by maybe tomorrow and talk to you about it? Or Saturday?



I have a USB OTG cable, I carry with me.

I will be at the Maker Fair Sunday afternoon. You are welcome to use it there.
Please come to the VHS soldering stations and ask for Tim Webster.