3D printer stops printing before the entire project is printed



When I print certain objects, my printer stops part way before the piece is finished. How do I fix this?


Could be many things. Drivers or steppers over heating, issues with the


I don’t think it’s over heating. And it just started doing it recently. Do you have any suggestions? This is so frustrating. I have a monoprice select mini and I print using Cura.


Their facebook group is quite active if you need some help. I have one, but
the Y Stepper failed on me recently so :frowning:


I had this happen on an i3 I built from scratch. The printer was about 2 years old with a lot of hours on it.
I ended up replacing the Arduino Mega and at the same time updated the firmware to a newer version and also replacing the China made RAMPs with a quality RAMPs from staticboards.
I figure it was the old Arduino Mega.

I do all my printing via SD card. If you use PC to printer via USB it could be the PC or USB resetting the Arduino.


Okay, I just joined the FB group, thanks!


I just print it straight from my PC via USB. So, if I print it using a SD card, that will solve the problem?


Printing via SD card may fix the problem.
If the USB port get noise or resets - like a PC going to sleep mode and “waking up” that could cause the Arduino to reset/reboot and thus stop the print job


Yes on my mini I exclusively printed from the SD card.


Thank you!




I don’t recall my mini coming with an SD card. What type of SD card is it?


Micro sd. It should have come with the printer with a sample print file.
But I use a 256mb one. It doesnt like larger capacity ones.


Thanks Big Mak!


Are you familiar with 123D design?

It’s been giving me a lot of problems lately. It’s so slow that it is slower than a snail’s pace. I can’t do anything on it. Do you have any suggestions or maybe a different program? Other than that, my computer is running fine.

I do appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.


Don’t use 123D. Many here are using Fusion 360 with great success. best of all a non commercial license is free!


Thanks Big Mak!

I’m using an SD card now and it works perfectly! I was getting so angry at having my long prints stop part way.


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