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Belt sander issue (10)
Request: Vinyl Cutter Training (7)
Request: Planer Training (5)
Fine Woodworking Bootstrap Night (12)
More electrical stuff for your consideration (4)
[FIXED] Membership Slack invites are working again (3)
Shopvac Replacement (13)
Warning: possible to engage laser with lid open (19)
[RESOLVED] Engine lathe temporarily out of order (4)
Woodworking Tool Safety and maintainance day (9)
Laser training Request - September/October 2017 (5)
[Fixed] Laser out of order (3)
New table saw blade ..? ( 2 ) (34)
Someone needs a blog post about their project (4)
Someone should rewrite the membership page for the Web (5)
Shop tools - looking for things I know we had (2)
Manual lathe training ( 2 ) (21)
Someone Should... Design a safer switch for table saw (4)
Battery recycling box by call2recycle (11)
Woodshop Tutorial (4)
Someone Should... Create a Someone Should badge for completing Someone Should bounties (1)
Laser Cutter maintenance April 14, 2017 (1)
Various links to old website (5)
Any CNC workshops coming up? (4)
[FIXED] Laser is down until further notice due to a leak in the cooler! (5)
[Fixed] Laser cutter is out of focus (8)
(FIXED) Dec/9: Laser Cutter is out of order (13)
80W Automatic Send Tin Soldering Gun (5)
New Laser Cutter Training! (4)